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Last week one of my favorite anarchists, Larken Rose, posted a quote of himself from years ago spewing statist propaganda and invited fellow anarchists to submit a quote of themselves doing the same thing. I went back a few years and found this little nugget I posted on Facebook the eve of the general election in November 2012, along with my picture to proudly display that I voted and served as an election judge.

To my fellow Americans: In just a few short hours the polls will open. I have chosen to vote against four more years of out of control spending, perpetually high unemployment, and high taxes. At this time tomorrow I hope that we will have elected a new president. That being said, regardless of where you stand, I sincerely hope that you get out and vote. As an election judge, I will be taking an oath to remain impartial and follow the laws of the state of Minnesota. It will be my job to help make sure that anyone who is eligible to vote has their opportunity. Unfortunately, approximately 50% of us will not like the outcome of this election. I hope we can all act like the adults that we are, and respect the fact that others may not feel the same way that we do and that is their right. I say this because, quite frankly, I am disappointed in the lack of respect that I am seeing some of you exhibit towards others. I’m all for a spirited debate and exercising the right to free speech, but let’s keep it civil. I encourage you all to express your opinions, but it is NEVER ok to be intolerant to the views of others. –Dana Vigoren

What was I voting for?

There’s so much wrong with the above statement that I cannot resist the urge to tear it apart. On the surface I don’t think most people will see anything wrong with what I said. In fact, I’m positive that most people who know me will find that version of Dana far more palatable than the person I’ve become. That is, of course, the essence of statism and politics. At its very core it is shitty ideas, with even shittier outcomes, wrapped in pretty packaging and doused with fake flavoring so you don’t choke it back up as it goes down, all accompanied by a more palatable chaser so you forget the taste of what you just ingested and keep you drunk enough to go back for more.

The first thing wrong with my statement is my admission of what I was voting for, which was nothing. I voted AGAINST something. I based my entire choice on which narcissistic sociopath I deemed least likely to inflict whatever damage terrified me the most. I can say with honesty that I never once voted for anything; my decision always boiled down to a matter of that which I was most opposed and voting for the other candidate. The only politician I ever agreed with was Ron Paul and I couldn’t even bring myself to vote for the man because unconsciously I knew that anyone promising to bring more freedom to the population never would or could, win. Voting was merely an act of attempted damage control. Unfortunately, I inflicted far more damage by engaging in it than had I walked away.

That should have been enough to give me pause, but I was too busy letting fear rule my decision making to think rationally. The reality is that government will do and take what it wants. Begging it to be merciful does not accomplish anything positive. It feeds the beast, perpetuates the cycle, and legitimizes evil.


Really, is this “tolerance”?

The second thing wrong with this statement is calling for everyone to act towards each other with civility, tolerance, and respect, while aiding and abetting in one of the most violent, uncivil, and intolerant acts possible: voting. I stand by saying that intolerance to views of another is never okay, but if your views turn into violent actions it is not deserving of tolerance. When people vote for a candidate they give that person their permission to pass laws that will force countless other people to act the way they want or fund what they find important. What could be less tolerant? I was a coward because I wanted someone else to hold the gun to other people. I was ignoring the gun, but pretending it isn’t there doesn’t make it so. I knew full well it was there. If I was that ignorant I wouldn’t have voted as an act of self-defense against the gun I knew would point in my direction if the other candidate won. Hell, I wasn’t even delusional enough to think it would point only at other people. I looked out at the buffet of rotten food and decided what disgusting things I would prefer to eat at the barrel of a gun and voted accordingly. Then I had the audacity to suggest that we all act civilized towards one another while force feeding each other filth– as if truly enjoying my neighbor’s company would be possible under such conditions. I cannot find a belief more absurd and no longer condone or take part in such lunacy. I will not give sanction to evil and allow oppression and murder on an unbelievable scale to be committed in my name.


 Do not vote!

  • I will not vote to control your behavior because I have no right to tell peaceful people how to behave.
  • I will not vote to spend your money because it isn’t mine to spend.
  • I will not vote in self-defense because I refuse to demand the gun be pointed at you and not me. (I already have the right to defend myself and this includes against government agents. There is a line that I absolutely will not cross or allow to be crossed that I will use force to defend. I don’t care who you are or what costume and badge you wear)
  • I will not vote so that sociopaths can pretend they “represent” me when slaughtering innocent people in endless wars.
  • I will not vote for freedom because I do not need permission to be free.
  • I will not vote. Period.


If you want to practice true tolerance and start peacefully coexisting– stop voting! Stop giving a group of parasitical thugs and thieves your sanction to do anything and tell them to leave everyone alone. Until then you’re not remotely tolerant, peaceful, or civil. You also have zero right to whine incessantly about anything being forcibly imposed on you because you know damn well you’re just butthurt that it’s not the other way around. You will not be free nor will you deserve such until you realize that giving freedom to others is the price you have to pay in exchange.


No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck. –Frederick Douglass


What I say today:

To my fellow human beings that happen to live on the same piece of land that I do,

Election season is almost here. For the next 17 months there will be nothing but pomp and circumstance, rhetoric, and propaganda. The candidates are already throwing their hats in the ring and beginning to debate each other on how they should spend the stolen loot and forcibly control us all. They’re going to pander to you and promise little goodies along with some hope and change. Of course, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the bold-faced lies and what part of their platforms they actually intend on implementing, but you’re likely planning on ignoring that aspect.

Everyone is going to scramble around in a mad dash to convince others to vote for this candidate or that in the hopes that the guns of government will mostly point at other people. Don’t fall for this. It’s just the next psychopath swooping in to promise salvation. Are you any happier now than you were 4 years ago when we last went through this vicious cycle? Do you legitimately believe you will be anything but less free, more broke, and still miserable 4 years from now?

Ultimately the solution lies with you because you’re the problem. When the time comes to vote, ignore the lunatics claiming they will make it all better if you just give them power and go do something worthwhile. Read a book, start a blog, volunteer, get to know your neighbors. Whatever you do, don’t feed the tyrants at the expense of your neighbors- and your soul. You reap what you sow. Continue to demand that others be enslaved, then you will a slave yourself. But if you free your mind, no one will ever be able to mentally chain you again. There is peace and freedom there, along with civility, tolerance, love, and acceptance.

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